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For our enterprise clients, we’re proud to offer a uniquely integrated, end-to-end winery software solution: best-in-class ecommerce tools—designed specifically for the wine industry—and a sophisticated fulfillment team that ensures the speed and accuracy of every order, every time.

Manage and grow multiple brands with one seamless, sophisticated system.

Keep selling at scale.

Keep selling at scale.

  • Leverage our integrated ecommerce and fulfillment services to bring efficiency to every part of your DTC operation.
  • Ensure you have the bandwidth—and backup—to withstand holiday shopping surges.
  • Connect with your existing systems or add new service providers using our mature and robust APIs
  • Attract new customers by using our Marketplace Distribution capabilities, the first of its kind in the wine industry.
  • Take advantage of our robust reporting features to manage customers, inventory, and products across multiple brands
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Wd Desktop 1 6 0 Enterprise Integrated

Enjoy fully integrated, industry-leading ecommerce and fulfillment services.

WineDirect is the only company providing end-to-end winery software solutions for every aspect of DTC sales. That means you’re working with one team and one seamless system for all aspects of your ecommerce operation, from managing orders and wine clubs to fulfillment and marketing.

Wd Desktop 1 6 0 Enterprise Scale

Rest easy knowing that your store is ready for your biggest events.

Because we supply the wine industry’s largest ecommerce platform—and process nearly 14,000 transactions per day—our servers are extremely robust, auto-scale, and can handle unusually high traffic flows easily and securely.

Wd Desktop 1 6 0 Enterprise Stability

Relax while we scale to handle your peak shipping volumes.

With a well-trained fulfillment team and carefully calibrated processes, we manage surge sales with our trademark speed and efficiency and maintain our industry-leading service-level agreements, no matter what

Wd Desktop 1 6 0 Enterprise Marketplace

Drive broad, expansive sales growth.

Our Marketplace Distribution capability—the first specifically designed for the wine industry—helps your brands penetrate new markets, reach the right target audiences, and capture more market share.

Wd Desktop 1 6 0 Enterprise Efficient

Work more efficiently.

We’ve done the work to build an integrated system customized for the unique needs of the wine industry—so that you don’t have to. Setup is simple, and our systems work together seamlessly, so you can operate your winery more efficiently and invest resources in ways that will be more profitable for your business.

Powering Over 1,800 Wineries

WineDirect is proud to work with wineries of all sizes, from small, family-owned vineyards to enterprise-level wineries.

WineDirect is truly our partner in getting our wines in customers' hands as quickly as possible. The customer wants shipments to be on time and easy, and WineDirect allows me to deliver on that promise. If ever extra support is needed, the client services team is always available and knows exactly what to do. WineDirect sets the bar high in DTC wine fulfillment.

Brian Teaff
Brian Teaff Foley Family Wines
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